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Report It - Don’t Ignore It

If you see someone behaving in an unsafe way on the railway or putting other people in danger, report it.
Call free on
0800 40 50 40

Welcome to Trackoff

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Trackoff is Britain’s rail industry initiative to help educate children and teenagers about safe conduct on the railway.

Millions of young people live close to a railway line or use the railway to travel to school, to visit friends or to go on holiday.

Some are drawn to play on the railway; some feel like messing about.

All need to understand the dangers and consequences of playing on or misbehaving on the railway.

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Download classroom activities, assembly ideas, lesson plans and other teaching resources. The resources have been validated by a panel of teachers and education consultants for National and Scottish Curriculum. Read more...

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A selection of resources, such as leaflets and booklets, is available for purchasing at the Trackoff Shop. Read more...

Where Are the Dangers?

Learn about the risks and consequences of playing on the railway. Read more...