Nine modern web design trends

Gone are the days when a website was only supposed to look good! People used to be impressed by complex flash-based animations a decade ago, but nothing could be further away from truth today...
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How to troubleshoot home network problems

You've just unboxed and installed your brand-new router, but for some reason it doesn't work at all. Or maybe it worked fine before, but now things have changed for the worse...
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Random tech fact

Teenage girls rule all the visually-based social media platforms.

There are over 65% girls on Instagram, for example.

Boys win clearly when it comes to video games, though. About 90% of US boys either own, or have access to a game console.
The basic guide to VPN services

You may have heard about VPNs. In fact, most corporations have been using Virtual Private Networks for ages!

These systems are used by businesses to provide their employees access to the company applications and data without risking...
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